What is Better: To Be an Early Bird or a Night Owl Essay Outline

Are you a “night owl” and can’t seem to get anything done in the morning? Or are you an “early bird” who stays up late but needs extra time in the morning to function? People tend to live two sets of lifestyles. Some tend to live the lifestyle of the morning bird, while others have found comfort in the night style of the owl. Early risers wake up early in the morning and go to work, strictly following through with their schedules. On the other hand, night owls have been known to hunt late in the night, and they have been mirrored to the individuals that love the nightlife and tend to work very hard during the night. To understand the similarities and differences of early bird vs night owl essay, we will shed some light on the life values and differences in the two different lifestyles.

Is it better to be a night owl or an early bird essay?

The similarities and differences are vital in the discussion. The nocturnal owls and the early rising birds have different views on the values that consume time, health concepts, and some attitudes that go towards daily life. These two people have different opinions on how to go about spending that time. They have a different trajectory in which they observe the Earth when the sun rises and when the Moon comes out at night. They see that time is a unique element for such individuals, and one should never waste it.

When Night Falls, these individuals become energetic and more active. They see indulgence as a more valuable element than time. They also believe that there are different concepts of health. The early risers are more drawn to a healthy living and lifestyle and think that getting up quite early in the morning is expected. Still, on the other hand, the night owl seems to have abandoned the health concept that involves checking biological time. They don’t pay much attention to some of the health problems they can bring forward at night.

There is a critical difference between the night owl and the morning bird. The early risers must wake up in the morning, and it doesn’t matter whether they are tired or frowning. The night owl, on the other hand, can be an extremely sluggish and irritable person if he or she lacks enough time in the morning. The night owl may be effective at doing tasks later in the day, but suffers from sleep deprivation if he or she does not get enough sleep.

A summary of early bird vs night owl essay

When most people wake up, they are still in the phase of the sleep cycle called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep; it is very hard to wake up from this stage. People who wake up naturally early in the morning, like early birds, tend to have a longer amount of time when they are in the NREM (non rem stage) of sleep. This makes them feel well rested and ready to get up. People who sleep late, however, and are night owls wake up when they are about to enter deep sleep. They may feel groggy and irritable until their mind adjusts to the idea of being awake. It takes about 15 minutes for the body to enter deep sleep.

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