Useful Pointers for Beginners on Writing an Expository Essay Outline

Witting essays give students a chance to prove their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject or topic through solid writing, creative thinking, and the use of powerful vocabulary.

However, writing different essay types to produce desirable results requires students to follow some rules and guidelines put in place by the tutors or the learning institutions. Therefore, how you present the final essay is all that matters. In this write-up, we feature solid tips that will help anyone create an admirable expository essay outline. Let’s find out more details below.

What is an expository essay?

We’ve mentioned the fact that essays come in different forms. An expository essay, for instance, is one of the common essays students have to write.

When writing an expository essay, students need to have a topic in which they conduct an in-depth investigation, analyze the evidence, explain the whole concept, and draw constructive conclusions about the main subject matter.

Phrases such as explain or define are common when writing an expository essay.

What is the purpose of an expository essay

An expository essay has one major goal or objective; to educate the reader on a specific subject or concept.

When writing this essay type, make sure you define all the relevant terms, answer possible questions related to the topic, and make sure the reader can comprehend all the information on the subject matter without having to do any further research.

What is the structure of expository essay?

Academic tasks require students to present their research findings in a clear and strategic manner. Therefore, make sure your expository essay has a clearly defined structure made us of the following:

  • A catchy introduction
  • Detailed body paragraphs
  • A compelling conclusion

How to write an expository essay outline

Writing an expository essay requires a student to implement a clear plan and strategy to ensure they meet the required expository essay format and structure. Therefore, it is crucial to create a detailed outline for the expository essay before the writing process. The outline is simply a simplified roadmap to what the writer intends to present in the paper.

Some of the proven and professional tips that will help a student write an admirable expository essay include:

1. Get ideas for expository essay

The expository essay writing process begins with a compelling expository essay prompt. Therefore, before you begin outlining your essay, make sure the topic is simple to comprehend and interpret, easily researchable, and interesting to write about.

2. Write an admirable introduction

Once you have your ideal topic to research, write the introduction, giving the reader all the reasons to keep reading through your work by the use of interesting hooks. 

Besides hooking the reader, inform the reader of the goal of your essay after the writing process. Therefore, in your intro, include the following:

  • An opening hook statement
  • Some background information about the topic
  • A well-defined thesis statement

3. Outlining the body paragraphs

In the main body paragraphs, make sure you present factual details that align with your thesis statement. Besides, each idea you share in the main body paragraphs should have solid evidence to back up the claims.

What’s more, make sure every paragraph begins with a topic sentence. The topic sentence describes to the reader what they are about to read in the paragraph.

When moving to the next paragraph, use conclusion remarks and include the use of transition words to give the reader a smooth flow of ideas.

4. Outlining an expository essay conclusion

Finally, you must conclude your essay by summing up all the ideas you’ve shared in the essay. Be sure to restate your thesis statement, making the reader remember the purpose of the paper, then sum up all the points you’ve discussed in the main body paragraphs.

5. Proofreading

With your essay outline in place, make sure you read through your paper again, checking and correcting any mistakes while ensuring you’ve followed the basic expository essay format.


Do not struggle, especially when writing your expository essay outline. Simply follow this guide for that perfect expository essay paper.

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