Short Essay Outline About the Importance of Birds

In a world where humans and their priorities are growing increasingly larger in the minds of organisms around them, there is one creature that is still seemingly unknown: birds. Birds are a type of animal species that have got typical characteristics present to all of them. All birds have got feathers, two legs, wings, are warm-blooded, and are also vertebrates. They are a critical part of our ecosystem, and they are present globally.

Is a bird essay enjoyable?

This is an open-ended question and there is no universal answer. Birds can be a very interesting topic for someone who likes to watch them or has a general interest in their behavior. They can also provide an interesting subject for someone with knowledge about migratory patterns. For those who lack this knowledge, the topic may be dry and uninteresting.

Birds tend to cope with the environment that can help them survive. Some species thrive in the tropical region while others in the polar regions. However, despite the similarities they share, they have some unique characteristics that aim to differentiate them. For example, there are different sizes of birds, and you can find the small ones to measure as little as 2 inches and the other almost 3 meters.

Essay On Birds Importance: Sample Outline

The birds have got manufacturing and architectural skills, which is evident in how they create their safe nests that preserves their eggs and young ones.

The birds are connected with the surroundings in which they live and have been known to become intuitive. They can predict weather conditions which may come in a region in which they reside. They even beat humans in prediction with their instruments and methods of the forecast. They perform monitoring and examining the weather.

The presence of peacocks tends to symbolize the coming of rain while bats, owls, or vultures indicate unpleasant weather conditions in the surrounding. Some birds live near mines to predict explosions since they become sensitive to high levels of carbon gas which may even kill them.

Birds have been known to be social, and most of the communication takes place through the sounds that they produce or through chirping. They tend to live in large flocks, breed, hunt, and participate in social behaviors.

They incubate their eggs and take care of them even after hatching when they become parents. They have the freedom of moving to any place they feel like going to and have got no boundaries of the cultural or political divides.

Some birds went extinct because of poaching, hunting, or an imbalance in ecology. It is not only the flying birds that have got troubles with facing extinction, but even the ones that live in water have reduced their numbers because of the high levels of pollution, which include poisonous chemicals or pesticides that humans add to the water. Most birds that live close to human habitation or riverbanks consume polluted water, which makes them die.

Birds are a critical element to the environment, and their presence is vital for the sole balance of the ecosystem. Therefore, humans carefully take the necessary steps to preserve the birds by providing them with a clean and safe environment to enhance their survival rates.

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