Analysis Essay Sample on ‘The Blue Bird’ Play by Maurice Maeterlinck

The Blue Bird was first performed in 1908, and is considered one of the best plays by Maurice Maeterlinck. In The Blue Bird, Maeterlinck describes a child’s journey to find happiness. The play is rich in symbolism, and the dangers faced by one of the characters are similar to those faced by children. Above all, Maeterlinck’s message is one of hope. The Blue Bird symbolizes happiness. At IBuyEssay service you can order a literature analysis essay on The Blue Bird play if you need expert writing help right now.

Sample Literature Analysis Essay Outline

We tend to dwell in many memories that are not in existence, and we fail to face our fears or illnesses coming with their sorrows and darkness. We are constantly after luxury and wealth, we tend to fight for what we believe in, and sometimes we go to the extremities of destroying the very thing that we want. Sometimes it leads us to death, but we also have to search for happiness to be available for use in the future through prayers and wishes in a place that is not Known yet. 

The directing of light, which is generally a type of metaphor and a superior consciousness symbol, means that happiness is present in any place we are depending on our view. In order to understand the unifying theme of the entire play, one must analyze not only each scene but also how it relates to the others. One must also take into consideration the overall theme of the play. A scene meant to illustrate a point, may not be entirely relevant to a scene later in the play.

Developing the Bird Essay from the Play

The Blue Bird is an optimistic play that emphasizes the importance of life when one has hope for a better future. The Blue Bird symbolizes happiness and hope itself; without it there could be no story. It also shows us that if we work hard to achieve something, it will come true; you just have to believe in yourself. The Blue Bird is a wonderful play that everyone can enjoy. It is both entertaining and heartwarming. Its plot is unique, its characters are realistic, and it touches upon many issues such as family values. This play is well-paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing what will happen next.

A central philosophical point, apart from the happiness meaning within the play, could be the difference between animals and human beings. The author places the animals and humans together under a scenario and took them through the journey with the sole purpose of demonstrating the main differences between animal and human existence. The journey that we can see is one philosophical journey that makes us understand a type of happiness that can only get understood and desired by humans. Animals cannot comprehend it, which means that they will get put through the journey without their will. You can find the proof at the end of the trip, which is usually death for the animals or destruction because they don’t have a purpose at the very end.

From the play, humans have unique lives full of inherent transcendence. Therefore, the author wanted to inform the readers that the happiness that we seek depends on our desires and views.

It all depends on whatever factors they must have taken advantage of or received the true sense of the love they have. To keep humanity and love alive in this current world, people must find all ways and manners to share happiness from one person to the other. That, therefore, sums up the whole analysis of the Bluebird as the play, and it teaches us that happiness is something that human beings view from different perspectives. Therefore, we must also learn to be contented with some of the things we have since others lack them.

The Blue Bird has won several awards, and has been translated into various languages. The symbol of the bird has been widely used in many logos for things related to children, birds, or happiness. This is an example of how popular Maeterlinck’s play has become. Children today sing the songs from the play and read the book, and adults have learnt to appreciate its beauty.

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